The expert on this family is Sandy Gilmore. You may email her at  if you think you are related to this family. Sandy has written a brief synopsis of the family below:

The first immigrant in this family to America was Robert Gilmore (May 6, 1780 Ire-June 13, 1855 Rockbridge Co., VA).  On April 2, 1819, Rockbridge Co., VA, a marriage bond was posted for him to marry Margaret “Peggy” Henry Bradley, daughter of William Bradley and Elizabeth Whitman.  (Henry was a common name back then, for boys and girls, as the names Chris and Pat are now.)  The original marriage bond at the courthouse was tampered with, and the correct year of marriage was 1819, not 1849 as most online sources say.  (Verified by the County Clerk who examined the original certificate, in my presence.)

Also note that the DAR claims that Mary Carlock is the mother of Margaret Bradley, not Elizabeth Whitman.  But, the only piece of evidence the DAR uses for their claim, is a personal letter written to the organization in the 1930s by a woman who says that Mary Carlock is the mother, but supplies no proof of her claim.  Researchers of this family have gathered strong evidence which supports the fact that Elizabeth Whitman was Margaret “Peggy” Henry Bradley’s mother, not Mary Carlock.  Please contact me if you would like more information on this dispute.

Robert Gilmore’s father was Archibald Gilmore who married a Jane.  As far as we can tell, there is no connection to the Gilmores already established in Augusta/Rockbridge Co., VA known as Family E on this website.

DNA results indicate that there is a connection between the Robert Gilmore family of Rockbridge Co, VA, and the Gilmores who lived in North Carolina, and the Gilmores who settled the town of Gilmore, Florida (near Jacksonville, FL).  Those connections have not been sorted out yet.

Sandra Gilmore