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  1. janetlynanderson August 14, 2016 — 5:00 am

    The majority of the information I have on Family B is now posted minus the Stephen Gilmore line of Generation 2 which I’m still imputing into my computer plus some of John Gilmore m Jane Heards children and some new info I’ve recently run across as to a possible sister of Generation 2:) Also, I haven’t finished all the links yet so you may be using the back button a lot. May take me some time to get that done as I’m going to be spending this week doing what I love–RESEARCH!!!!! I also apologize for the many grammatical errors. I’ve been correcting them as I see them but I know there are many others and I haven’t spent much time editing lately.

    There is a lack of pictures on this website. Ok no pictures:( I have some good ones of some of the families but haven’t put them in yet as it’s on the bottom of my todo list. SORRY!! In the meantime, if you see your ancestors in Family B or notice one of the other Gilmore lines from the index as a line you descend from and have pictures to share, please do!! I will get them on this website eventually.

    To all my contacts who have shared stories, pictures, data, and sources of your ancestors–THANK YOU!! Most of the data you’ve shared hasn’t yet made it on this site, but I promise you it will be along with who shared it! Janet

  2. Hello,

    I am John Gilmore from Monroe County, Ms. I have just started researching my genealogy using and discovering many interesting things. So far I think I am descended from Stephen, Elijah and James. Things get a little fuzzy before that for me. I believe that James father was James C. from Georgia, but not positive. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    John Gilmore

    • Thought I’d leave a reply here so other Gilmore relatives will know we are working hard on the Gilmore line. John and I been working on the Gilmore Family A line not yet published on this sight.

  3. janetlynanderson April 16, 2017 — 1:07 am

    B01[4] Stephen Gilmore (1735-1816NC) has been added under Family B in the index and then Generation 1&2. Janet

    • From what my aunt researched back in the 60’s – 70’s Stephen Gilmore & Amy Matthews is one set of my 5 Great Grandparents. I am descended from their daughter Mary Martin who married Paris Allen Pearson 21 Sep 1785 in Wake County, NC.

      Further back from that my tree on those ancestral lines may or not be correct, more speculative and I am vetting out other peoples trees for Sources or not.

      I will be joining the FB Group and GedMatch Project to see if any DNA matches appear from GedMatch. I also have Ancestry, MyHeritage, and FT-DNA kites uploaded as well.

  4. Warren Atkinson June 11, 2017 — 2:45 am

    I would appreciate any information on the parentage of these four Gilmores who came to Cooper/Morgan CO.’s, Missouri during the 1820’s.
    While censuses show the youngest, Addison Gilmore,, having been born in Illinois, and the older three having been born 1804-1809 in Tennessee/East Tennessee, I believe all four were brothers.

    Jiles/Giles L. Williams b.1794 (NC. War 1812 Bounty Land Application) married Jane Burch in Howard CO., MO., 1817 (Jane b.1799, KY.)
    1.) James Scott Gilmore b.1804 (b.Tennessee-source census) married Nancy Burch in Cooper CO., MO., 1826 (Nancy b.1803, KY.)
    2.) John Gilmore b.1807 (b.East Tennessee-source census) 1st married Francis Burch in Cooper CO., 1828 (Francis b.1800-10, location unknown)
    3.) Samuel Gilmore b.Mar. 11, 1809 (Tennessee-source census & “Read Genealogies, Descendants of Israel Read”)
    4.) Addison Gilmore b.1819 (Illinois- source multiple censuses, father shown born in Kentucky, mother in U.S.) married Jerusha Williams, in Morgan CO., MO., 1842, eldest daughter of Giles L. Williams & Jane Burch.

    James Scott Gilmore, John Gilmore & Samuel Gilmore were all listed as heads of household the 1840, Morgan CO., MO., Federal Census. I believe the male shown 20 to 30 years of age in this census, and listed in John Gilmore’s household, was Addison Gilmore; he was too old to have been this John Gilmore’s son, I fell certain they were brothers.

    John Gilmore and Addison Gilmore both patented land adjacent to each other in Morgan CO., MO., adjacent the southeast corner of Pettis CO., MO., November 10, 1841. Adjacent to them in Pettis CO., MO., Giles L. Williams had patented land, January 10, 1840. James Scott Gilmore had patented land slightly north of the aforementioned patents, both before & after those patents, and had also patented land in Pettis CO., MO., slightly north of and on the same date as Giles L. Williams’, January 10, 1840, Pettis CO., MO., patent.

    Jiles/Giles L. Williams m.Jane Burch, named a son James S. Williams. James Scott Gilmore, John Gilmore & Samuel Gilmore all named sons James Scott Gilmore. Addison Gilmore named a son James Gilmore (one census for James shows him with middle initial W, another census shows him with middle initial M). Samuel Gilmore named a son, Tolbert Addison Gilmore.

    Neither Addison Gilmore or his father-in-law, Giles L. Williams’ families are found in the 1850 Federal Census. As Giles L. Williams’ War of 1812 “Oath of Identity”, War of 1812 Bounty Land application was filed in Montgomery CO., Hot Springs, Arkansas, February 23, 1851, it’s believe both Giles and Addison’s families had relocated there. Both families were next shown living in the 1860, Richland, Morgan CO., MO., census.

    In March-1856, Glaphiah Mullins, married James Scott Gilmore, Jr., b.Mar. 8, 1831 (son of Samuel Gilmore, b.Mar. 11, 1809, TN.):

    Per Glaphiah Mullins, her husband’s parents were pioneers from who came to Morgan CO., MO., from Illinois, settling in Missouri about 1820. Morgan CO., MO., was not created until 1833, but it was created from Cooper CO., MO., where the Gilmore brothers first began to marry in 1826.

    Four Gilmore families were shown in the 1820 U.S. Federal Census in Illinois. Only one family, which was located in Greenville, Bond CO., conforms to the aforementioned Gilmore family, but I’ve found it is shown to have been the family of Judge John Gilmore & Eleanor McEnny. Was the 1820 John Gilmore family that of Judge John Gilmore & Eleanor McEnny, or my Gilmores who moved to Missouri circa 1820?

    • janetlynanderson June 28, 2017 — 10:58 pm

      Hi Warren, I don’t know if I’m going to have what you need. I need to look at what I have on the Blount County, TN Gilmores as we discussed via email. I’m in the middle of having to pack up all my stuff to find a new place to habitate so it might take some time. I have you on my list of things that need to get done so I won’t forget. I hate to say it but it might be end of summer before I can get to it:( Thank you for all the information you shared in the comment you submitted. I’ll also try and make a stop in Blount Co., TN and do a little more research on these Blount Co., TN Gilmores that went to IL/MO. I kinda overlooked them as they didn’t appear to be related to my Family B Gilmores and I just haven’t gotten back to them. Janet

      • Long time. James Edgeworth in MS. Some of my Gilmore line is useing DNA. If we can help email me

        • James!!!! So awesome to hear from you. I’ve recently gotten into the Y-dna testing with my male Gilmores on I’ve found out that we are related! There is another Gilmore family living in Monroe Co., MS who is a desendent of Elijah and Lucrecia Gilmore who had his Y-dna submitted and he and my uncle are a match at a high level. Have you tried the Y-dna test yet? I have notice that I have very few DNA matches with your family on the Ancestry DNA matches (autosomal DNA) but then this test is most effective up to the 4th cousin level and then becomes iffy past that. Relations don’t always show past 4th cousins with Autosomal DNA plus it tests all name and not just the Gilmore surname. Can you give me some details of which DNA some of your Gilmore’s are using? I’d love to get a male Gilmore of your line to take the y-dna test. What website have they done the testing on?

  5. There is still a Gilmore family in Clarke County, AL. I believe Wiley Gilmore is now deceased but was an attorney. There are still a Gilmore attorney office in Grove Hill, AL.

    • Hi Delise, Thank you for your post! Are you a Gilmore decendent? I’ve been looking for Gilmore cousins in Alabama that can help me with my research there. Do you know any of the Gilmore descendents that still live in that area. Wiley was a very common name in this particular Gilmore branch. I wonder if the Wiley you mentioned was a descendent of Stephen Martyr Gilmore or Elijah Gilmore. They were brothers who stayed in this area when the rest of their siblings moved into TX though Elijah did move in his later years just across the AL border into MS. I really need to get the Clarke Co., AL (among other counties in AL) to do more research and interview the remaining descendents but time seems to be against me.

      If you want to use email, mine is

    • Please contact me. I am researching the Gilmores . Anna Josephine Gilmore married Thomas Whisitt. My grandmother was Gladys Whitsitt who is buried in Jacksboro Texas.

  6. Hi

    Nice looking site and I hope your research goes well.

    I’m trying to find the parents of three Wiley sisters who married three Gilmores :

    Hurriah Gilmore (1749 -1844) m Harriet Wiley (1755)
    George Gilmore (1749-1840) m Ann Wiley (1751-1825)
    Rev Humphrey Gilmore (1751-1802) m Catherine Wiley (1753-1799)

    The three Gilmores were the family of John Gilmore and Jane Heard (1720 – 1777) — Huriah was a nephew raised in the family when his parents died young. The Wiley family must have lived close by.

    The parents of the Wiley sisters are usually given as William Wiley (1734 -1783) Halifax, Virginia and Eleanor Cleverius, but William’s will has no mention of these three ladies, while it does mention other family members.

    I’m hoping someone has further info on this and would appreciate any help. If you come across anything I’d appreciate your letting me know.

    Many thanks


    • janetlynanderson April 4, 2018 — 5:31 am

      Hi Oliver,

      Great to hear from another Gilmore/Wiley researcher. I have an abstract of a will recorded in GA, I think Clark or Lincoln Co., by a William Wiley who mentions his three daughters. I’m going by memory here as I’m a truck driver and not at home to look this up right now so take some of this with a grain of salt, but the bottom line is their father was a William Wiley. I can’t remember his wife off the top of my head if he mentioned her in the will.

      When I get home, I’ll send you a picture of the document I’m referring to. I’ll be taking a week long vacation about mid Apr. I’ll send it to you then.


    • Oliver, I stumbled across your website today as I have recently gotten the genealogy bug and was interested in passing along some information you may or may not have. I also have old family notes saying I am descended from a John Gilmore born in Scotland around 1710, who immigrated in the US around Chester, PA in the mid 1700’s. He had a son Humphrey Sr, who I had with a birth year of 1759, versus the 1751 in your report. I do show that he was ordained a Methodist minister in 1801/02. My records show he had a son Humphrey Jr born in 1792 who died around 1884 (an old age for the time). My notes up to this point are sketchy but get better going forward. Humphrey Jr. had a son James Wiley Gilmore born July 11, 1820 who died of illness in a hospital in Virginia just before the Battle of the Wilderness on May 4, 1864. I have archive records from Alabama of his enlistment and death. He had a son Samuel Eskridge Gilmore, born in Lafayette, Chambers County, Alabama on April 8, 1850 I have conflicting records that he came to Texas before and after the war, but he ended up in Copperas Cove, Coryell, County Tx where he died in 1916. He was married twice and my grandfather was born by his second wife. Samuel had a brother who was a prominent businessman in Copperas Cove and in the main cemetery there you will find dozens of Gilmore’s including my Great Grandfather Samuel and both of his wives, along with his brother and many cousins. My grandfather was Joseph Oliver Gilmore Sr, born April 7, 1895 in Copperas Cove, Coryell County Tx. He had 6 or 7 siblings and four half siblings from Samuels first wife. His sister Laura Lee (Gilmore) Lamb had a son David Lamb who did a lot of research on Gilmores, but I have lost touch with him. My grandfather had one son (my father) and three daughters. My father, Joseph Oliver Gilmore Jr. was born December 1, 1930 and passed in December 2010.
      If any of this is stuff you are looking for, let me know and I will go dig out some of the paperwork I have and get it to you. My main purpose is to see if I am Scottish, Scotch/Irish or Irish. My family always claimed Scotch/Irish from Ulster, but who knows if I can find out. Thanks for reading this, and let me know what you think.

  7. Hi there. I’m descended from Thomas Griffin Gilmore. His daughter Isabella was my 2nd great grandmother. Isabella was married 3 times and had children with all of her husbands: William Barber, F.M. Coker and William Bolin. They lived in Itawamba County, MS and eventually ended up in Texas. Isabella died in 1860.

    Let me know if you would like to have access to my family tree on

    Thanks for all your hard work on the Gilmore line! It helps all of us who are trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together!

    Dorenda Bolin Nolte

    • janetlynanderson April 4, 2018 — 5:28 am


      I am very happy to hear from you! Don’t shoot me but I think you may have the wrong father for your 2nd great grandmother, Isabella. Here’s why…if I’m not mistaken, Isabella was born c1821 and the father you have her connected to, Thomas Griffen Gilmore was born in 1817 only about 4 years older than Isabella. I think she’s a descendent of a Thomas Gilmore who also lived in Monroe/Itawamba Co’s, MS. This Thomas Gilmore moved to Wise Co., TX between 1850-1860 where he passed away after the 1860 census. I’m not 100% sure of this connection either but I think I have supporting circumstantial evidence for this connection. I say I think because I drive a truck for a living and I’m not at home right now and can’t look at all my notes. I’ll be taking a week vacation about mid April and I’ll give you the “evidence” I saw that made me think Thomas was her father. I’ve taken pictures of the genealogy charts I worked up on this family about a decade ago and attached them so look them over and double check her approximate birth year with the census records I have for her to see if I have her in the right generation. I need to revisit these charts and do a better job documenting sources and my thoughts on the hypothesis I’ve made. I know I’ve seen at least one census record in TX for her but don’t have it on the chart yet. There is a star by Isabella’s name because I’m not sure if I have her placed right.

      Isabella Gilmore isn’t in the “Family B” Gilmore line on my website because I think she’s from the “Family A” Gilmore line. Because these two lines lived very close together in Itawamaba/Monroe Co., MS, they’ve been mistaken as closely related and there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding who goes where. My ggg grandfather, John Wesley Gilmore, Thomas Griffen Gilmore’s brother, was mistakenly thought to be directly linked to Family A in Monroe/Itawamba Co., MS; but that has since been proven false. Though the two lines do have a common ancestor as proven by y-dna analysis, we don’t know exactly where but it has to be in Cumberland Co.., NC c1755 or earlier back in PA or Northern Ireland.

      If you and any Gilmore relatives you have have taken the Ancestry DNA test, I’d love to see your results. I can interpret the Gilmore lines for you and your Gilmore DNA matches will at the very least let us know if you are connected to Family A like I suspect, or the Family B line or be a different line altogether as I’m not 100% sure of Thomas Gilmore’s father either. If you don’t know how to share your results let me know and I can give you directions on how to do it easily. You’ll need my username which is “janet155”. I’ll be able to see what you see but won’t be able to make any changes to them…it will be view only. I’ve made forms to record all the Gilmore matches and label them by whatever family they appear to be…Family A, B, etc… If all is the way I picture it, you’re matches should prove to be vastly Family A for the closer matches then branch off into a few Family B matches with the more distant matches a a fndew oddball matches thrown into the mix. I’ll work it up and send you a copy when I get your DNA matches. Give me the word and I’ll share my DNA matches with you too if you’d like.

      I’m currently trying to get the Family A line reworked and onto my site. I’ve promised several people already that it was going to be ready last year before Christmas, but the project is taking longer than I suspected so no promises, just know I’m working on it. In the meantime, I’d be happy to circumvent the website and share what I have and answer any questions you might have. I also welcome all your input into trying to put the pieces together and I’d love to see your tree on ancestry too. I’ve started a Gilmore group of sources mostly from the Itawamba/Monroe Co., MS area. We’re all working together to try and figure the Gilmores out. I’ll add you to the email list if you’d like. I’m planning on taking a second week off after my first week off at my home in San Antonio, TX to visit with them and do some field research in these counties to try and answer some questions.

      Again, thank you so much for contacting me. I’m very excited to hear from someone descended from Isabella Gilmore’s line.


      Janet Anderson

    • Dorinda, I’m interested in having access to your Gilmore family tree on Ancestry. My second greatgrandmother married, Mary Lena Gilmore, married Albert Gordon Welch. My Ancestry tree is under Welch on Ancestry but I’m trying to sort through the Gilmores at the moment. I believe her grandfather was Thomas Griffin Gilmore. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Hi R. May Sovo,
        A little clarification on Dorinda’s message (and I may have already addressed this so forgive my memory if I’m repeating myself here), her descendent is Thomas Gilmore who married Eda, not the Thomas Griffen Gilmore you might be thinking of. They are mixed up because they both lived in the same area in Monroe/Itawamba Co’s, MS at the same time before moving on to TX. Thomas Griffen Gilmore is Family B on this website, and Thomas Gilmore is Family A. The two strands are related; however, we haven’t figured out exactly how yet. I do a lot of speculating in my introductions to both lines but in actuality nothing is proven. In short, I think (think mind you) that the common ancestor of the two lines came to NC or died back in the New England states and is the immigrating ancestor to the US from Northern Ireland. His progeny migrated south through VA into NC where they appear to stay for a time in Cumberland Co., NC (this is the first big discovery I have of both lines), a few of them bouncing across the border into SC then moving on through the southern states where they blossomed out in GA, TN, MO, AL, MS, seeming to skip LA for some reason and continuing on into OK and TX. The “progeny” are lines A, B, and F so far. At the very least these lines are related somehow from what I’ve seen on y-DNA testee’s that match. One line that is likely not related or at least not closely that I’ve wondered about for a long time is Family E line out of Augusta Co., VA. If they are related at all, it’s farther down the line than is worth mentioning.

  8. Rita Gilmore Cruse July 1, 2018 — 7:29 pm

    Hi guys, it looks as if i’m an ancestry DNA circle match to James H. Gilmore born Jan. 1760 in Maryland, married Easter Orr in York County, SC and died Apr. 15, 1841 in Hall Co. Georgia.
    His father was Francis born about 1730.
    James and Easter’s children were William (b.1784), Elizabeth (b. 1786), Francis (b. 1794), ABNER (b. about 1798), John B. (b. 1798), James H. Jr. (b. 1800), Nancy Ann (b. 1802), Daniel (b. 1804), Elizabeth (b. 13 Nov. 1806)
    Research done by Maude Ann Gilmore, my first cousin’s wife.
    Maybe this info will prove accurate and help someone.

  9. Delise Sanders July 2, 2018 — 5:50 pm

    Good Afternoon,

    I am a Gilmore descendant from Clarke County, AL. I don’t live in Clarke County now, but both of my parents grew up there. Gilmore is my Mom’s line. Her Gilmore line starts with her grandmother, Willie Ethel Pope Harrison ( 1886-1974). She was born in Marengo County. Her parents were Silas Morgan Pope (1842-1930) and Virginia Sanders Pope (1849-1924). Virginia’s death certificate lists her parents as Charles Sanders (1821-1863) and Nancy Percilla Gilmore (1828-1853). She was the daughter of Stephen Martyn Gilmore (1799-1863). He is well documented and came to Clarke County in about 1817, He was a Methodist Minister. He and his wife, Cynthia Robinson had 10-12 children. He remarried 2 years after she died in 1850. Every source I find says that Nancy was his child. She was probably one the oldest children and died before he did. I have seen several accounts that say he had several children die before he did. My issue is that I cannot find any document that connects Nancy to him I have Stephen’s marriage to Cynthia documented as well as Nancy’s marriage. I need a Bible record but cannot find any.

    I will be glad to share any documentation that I have and appreciate any help you may can give me.

    I found records where Nancy’s other daughter, Elizabeth married John Rhoads in Clarke County. They moved to TX and she tried to claim Choctaw Ancestry.

  10. Mary Lena Gilmore was my 2nd great grandmother married to Albert Gordon Welch. This is the first time in years Ive been able to find anything concerning her parents. She’s buried with her husband and a good number other relatives at the Dixie Cemetery in Loco, Oklahoma. I have information on my ancestry website which is open to the public. It’s listed under Willie May Woodruff tree.

  11. I have information on a line of southern Gilmores on my Ancestry page.

    • Hi Cam,

      Can you be more specific on who your Gilmores are on Ancestry or the name of your Tree? I tried typing in Cam into the username search and got over 6000 results:). Janet

  12. Hello everyone, I recently tied my May family research in Alabama and Mississippi to Elizabeth Gilmore . 1850 Census, Rankin County Alabama. In 1850 Elizabeth is 70 years old with the following in the household:
    246B 10 Gilmore Ann 37 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 12 Gilmore Elijah 16 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 8 Gilmore Eliza 32 Tenn pg0241a.txt
    246B 7 Gilmore Elizabeth 70 S C pg0241a.txt
    246B 14 Gilmore George 10 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 24 Gilmore Henry 10 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 16 Gilmore Hezekiah 4 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 11 Gilmore James 18 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 22 Gilmore James M 35 Tenn pg0241a.txt
    246B 27 Gilmore John 6/12 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 15 Gilmore Joseph 6 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 9 Gilmore Lewis 49 S C pg0241a.txt
    246B 18 Gilmore Margaret 4/12 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 23 Gilmore Mary 29 S C pg0241a.txt
    246B 25 Gilmore Sarah 7 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 13 Gilmore Sarah 14 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 26 Gilmore Sophronia 5 Miss pg0241a.txt
    246B 17 Gilmore Zachariah 3 Miss pg0241a.txt
    Elizabeth’s daughter Sarah Gilmore May and son in law Henry May and grandson John May are also present . Does anyone know where this Gilmore family fits?
    Thank you
    Joyce May

  13. Hi all, I’m a distant Gilmore relative and I’ve been trying for years to find the parents of Andrew Ceton Gilmore – A.C Gilmore, Uncle Andy Gilmore
    Birth Dec. 30, 1826 Mississippi, USA
    Death Jan. 4, 1898 Young County, Texas, USA
    If you know of any Gilmore’s that moved from Mississippi to any of these Texas counties I would certainly appreciate hearing about them. – Counties: Young, Baylor, Archer, Clay, Throckmorton, Jack, Wise, Jones, Shackelford, Stephens, Palo Pinto, Parker, Erath, Hood, Johnson, Tarrant.
    A.C. Gilmore was first in Parker and then in Young county and all those in the list are all the nearby counties. I live in Dallas/Ft Worth and would be willing to do any hunting around to help find info.
    Randy Martin

  14. John Gilmore b 1759 d 1841 in Marengo, Alabama is my ancestor (Group A). (I have had DNA done also). The majority of my information on him comes from his Revolutionary War Pension file in He was initially denied a pension and had to go to Tuscaloosa, AL with character witnesses and state his case. He was born in Lancaster, PA and became a substitute in the Revolutionary War 1777/1778 while living in Cumberland, NC. Following the Revolutionary War, he moved to Wilkes County, GA then Lincoln County, GA. He married Nancy Thomas (no citations). His son, John Gilmore, daughter Elizabeth (Betsy) Gilmore were born in Georgia. He also lived in Washington County and Clark County in Mississippi Territory before moving to Marengo County where his son Thomas Griffin Gilmore was born. Nancy, William, and Anna Gilmore were also born in Marengo. There was also a son James, but I am not sure where he fits in the family. All the children were mentioned in John Gilmore’s will. Nancy Gilmore married William Landrum and was a member of Stephen F. Austin’s colony in Texas.

  15. Hello!!
    I am interested in this site, because I have done extensive research on the Gilmore family and I am still confused. I did have help from a distant male Gilmore cousin, who was in the Y DNA study. There are Gilmore’s here that I’ve never heard of and I have a thousand on my tree, most with records. This Insanity started after my son died unexpectedly two years ago, and I started searching out DNA matches and Records, using a skeleton tree that my dad’s cousin had given us in the 1980s. My 5th Grandparents were John Gilmore, son of Robert Gilmore and Mary Ann Kennedy. He was often mistakenly referred to as Thomas on several trees. My 5 grandfather was John Gilmore, who is married to Agnes Anderson Hamilton. They died in Deckers Creek Massacre in Augusta County Virginia in 1759. Steven Gilmore that you have listed, was my fourth grandmother’s brother. I have DNA matches to several of their descendants. However, I also have DNA matches to people descended from John Gilmore and Jane Heard, but they have no proof and no records. No one I know who is doing Gilmore research have any information on them, nor have they heard of them. This is the line I am trying to figure out. Was he perhaps my fifth grandfather’s nephew and born in Rockingham New Hampshire, not Virginia, and headed south? I have no clue what happened to that John. Was he perhaps descended from my sixth grandfather, Robert’s mystery brother who disappeared after the brothers with families arrived in Boston in 1718 during the Great Migration?

    Thanks for reading

    • janetlynanderson July 16, 2021 — 7:21 pm

      Hey Nanci, We’ve corresponded via email before, but I though I’d reply on my website for future researchers. Y-DNA research shows that it’s highly unlikely that the “Augusta Co., VA or Kerr Cr massacre Gilmores” who you refer to as John Gilmore and Agnes Anderson Hamilton (denoted as Family E on this website) are related to my John Gilmore m Jane Heard (denoted as Family B on this website). The Y-DNA testee’s name is William Thomas Gilmore of Family E and he has no match to my Family B testee, Bobby Clee Gilmore or Family A testee John Gilmore. Family’s A and B on this site are related as shown by y-DNA and I’ve got a working hypothesis that their connection comes in from Cumberland Co., NC in the early 1750’s. Y-DNA research also suggests that there is also no apparent connection between The Rockingham, NH Gilmores (Family M on this website) and the Family E (Augusta Co., VA Gilmores) or to the Family A or B Gilmores. This needs a deeper look as the Family H y-DNA testees are unknown to me and I’ve no knowledge of their proven lines back to the NH Gilmores.

      It is very interesting that you mention connections to my John Gilmore/Jane Heard line (Family B) as I too have connections to your John Gilmore/Agnes Anderson Hamilton line but only through one son, James Gilmore m Martha Dennison. I’ve seen this connection in other Family B and Family A autosomal DNA matches. Given the y-DNA information I have, I’m inclined to think the connection comes in through the Dennison branch or other surname not directly connected to Gilmore.

      The Family B and Family A lines that you’re interested in are extremely confusing as you’ve found out. There are hints that they came out of Maryland and/or Pennsylvania back in the early 1700’s. I’m also working on a theory that their patriarch is a Samuel Gillmor who may have come to Boston, MA in 1718 out of Londonderry Co., Ire but all is still murky and I’ve no solid leads…only potential. There is also likely connections to my Family A and B lines with Sligo Co., IRE Gillmor’s through a y-DNA match of Desmond Gillmor. He only has family lore that several of his Gillmor’s came to America and some stayed and others went back to Ire. No clue as to any dates though.

  16. I forgot to add that you have my 6th grandfather on your page, but Robert Gilmore who married Mary and Kennedy was born in 1670. John Gilmore who died in 1759, was one of his sons and my 5th grandfather. John was married to Agnes Anderson Hamilton, not Agnes Anderson. Robert and family arrived in Boston during the Great Migration with his brother James and family and another mystery brother. Robert, Mary Ann and 3 sons with families went on to Rockingham County, New Hampshire. I have over a dozen DNA matches to this family. My 5 grandfather, John Gilmore and wife Agnes Anderson Hamilton, settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for several years before going to Augusta County Virginia, where they were killed in the Kerrs Creek Massacre in 1759. More of their family was killed buy a raid 4 years later by the same Native American tribe.


  17. Hi there! I have seen a connection to the Gilmore family in my Ancestry tree that starts with Castanuella Gilmore, born around 1848 in Mississippi. She was married to James Foster Massey, who was born 26 December 1850 Alabama, and died 2 March 1932 Wimberley, Hays County, Texas. I believe Castanuella is a descendant of the Rev. John Gilmore who was married to Elizabeth Cartwright. I’m just hoping to get some direction and to see if my connections are correct. If so, that would be amazing. I am currently a pastor in the United Methodist Church, and as far as I can tell I’m the only clergy in my family since the Gilmores.

  18. Just found this group. I’m on ancestry and have researched my Gilmore’s. For some reason my Gilmore’s never went south. Pennsylvanian to Coshocton Ohio to Coleen Indiana. There was quite a gaggle around west pa whom I always assumed were family somehow. My earliest was Joseph. Then Alexander and my great grandfather Alexander. I have a photo on ancestry tree. Family myth says county down is place of origination but DNA matches with someone in north atrium. Rev war records and civil war, but brick wall to where Joseph came from. Or family there. Suspect border transplants from Scotland by james1. Families were large so some may have drifted south but still folks in the southern Indiana area. Any insight to this wayward bunch would be appreciated

    • Hi Gail, Thank you for posting on my site! I am completely worthless when it comes to the Northern Gilmores but I’d like to get to them eventually. I know a little about some of the western PA Gilmores you mentioned in your comment but only of what other researchers have found.
      I was interested because I’m trying to find my Gilmores in the New England states and PA was one of the possibilities. Never did find anything promising though. I’ll post your comment and hopefully something will come of it. You might also join the Gilmore Family Researcher group on facebook. There are members from overseas and not just America in this group.

  19. Through my study of family history I have discovered that John Wesley Gilmore is my 3rd great grandfather. My 2nd great grandfather Frank Leroy Smith was born to William J. Smith and Frances E. Gilmore in 1865. Marriage records show that William J. Smith married Sarah E. Gilmore the same year Sarah E. Gilmore died in 1867. There has been a dead end in finding family history past William J. Smith, and there has been family folklore regarding someone in the Smith family (William J. or Frank L. Smith) changing their surname from Dunn to Smith; Frank’s first name was supposedly Charles Dunn and his father Frank Dunn. That said, and if anyone has any corrections please feel free to add them in comments, I have the following family line from the Gilmore side: John Gilmore/Elizabeth Cartwright, Fredrick Weaver/Francis Heaven Willey- John Wesley Gilmore/Martha Patsy Weaver-Francis E. Gilmore/William J. Smith-Frank Leroy Smith/Patsy Elder Koger-Dewey Smith/Erma Irene Turner-Jerry Ben Smith/Gloria Jean Moreau-and myself, Douglas E. Smith (w/3 siblings). If anyone has information regarding a Smith-Dunn name change that would be great to hear, but honestly just as great to put these family rumors to rest. Any links that go back farther regarding William J. Smith are welcome too. Last but not least, I’d love to learn more about the Gilmore side of my family. I feel so fortunate to have happened upon this website while searching the internet for clues.

  20. Hello,

    I am working on my wife’s line of Gilmores in Texas. Her mother was Bonnie. Her ancestry was Jessie Aubrey > Carvin Washington > John Wesley.

    Carvin was brother to Manuellar and Castanuellar. I keep wondering where these girls names came from as I can’t seem to find them anywhere else on the entire internet.

    When we were talking about the obvious Spanish-sounding spellings, my wife said “Those aren’t names, they’re verbs!” LOL

  21. I just found this site and was wondering if anyone could help me. My 3rd Great Grandparents were Sarah N Gilmore (born abt 1820) and married William W Johnson (born abt 1812). They were married in Marengo County, Alabama in April 1838. I am trying to find out how Sarah N Gilmore fits into any of the Gilmores in Marengo / Clark Counties in Alabama. Thank you.

  22. Hello there, my name is Beth and I have just located this website. I am hoping someone can help me with my Gilmore ancestor. My 3rd Great Grandmother was Sarah Gilmore born abt 1820/25. She married William W Johnson (born abt 1812) in Marengo County, Alabama in April 1838. They lived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama from 1850 to 1880. I can not find any info on Sarah Gilmore (parents) and would appreciate if anyone on here can give me a clue. I have searched Marengo and Clarke counties in Alabama but not sure which of the Gilmores she was the daughter of. My email is , thank you for any help you can suggest. I am on Ancestry.

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