James Gilmore of Rockingham Co., VA (1712-1797 Rockingham Co., VA) is the patriarch of this family. Out of a possible family of 15 boys and 4 girls, only 6 boys are known:

  1. James Gilmore
  2. Samuel Gilmor (1760 Buck Co., PA-1848 Highland Co., VA) m Ellen/Elener Bailey
  3. Thomas Gilmore (c1762 PA/VA-1813 Rockingham Co., VA) m (1st) unknown; m (2nd) Mary Grace
  4. Alexander Gilmore (1764 Rockingham Co., VA-1843 Harrison Co., IN) m (1st) Ester Magill; m (2nd) Rebecca Smith
  5. Gad Gilmore (c1766-btw 1816 & 1819 Lincoln Co., KY) m Margaret “Peggy” Ingaram
  6. David Gilmore (c1768 Lancaster Co., PA-1834 Hardin Co., KY) m Margaret Smith

The above is the bare bones of this line of Gilmores. The experts on this family are Wynne “Win” Gilmore Wood and Bill Wright who is the DNA expert covering these Gilmores and other Gilmore lines. For a well documented genealogy on this family, go to Win’s website at http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~winwood/genealogy/SS/index.htm .